No of Spdl 288 360 432 504
No. of Section 8 10 12 14
Length of Machine in Feet 44 54 64 74
Connected Power (hp/deck) 4 5 6 6
Spindle / Section (length) 36 (1530 mm)
Spindle Pitch 165 mm
Take up System Hinge Cradle with Ball and Tube Cap
Take up Aluminium Roll /tube 85x142x128 mm Trav Roll /57/69x135 Mm Length Tube
Take up Content Up to 400 gms.
Pot Diameter 110 mm
Feed Boobbin D/f Bobbin (54x83x143 mm Trav)
Feed Content Upto 200 gms
Take up Traversing Common Suitable for Biconical or Cylindrical
Feed Tensioner Ball Ceramic Tensioner with Flyer
Denier Range 20 to 4/20 Pure Silk Denier
Viabl Tpm 400 to 4000 tpm
Spindle rpm Upto 14000 rpm
Yarn Take up Speed Up to 50 mts/min
Machinde Width 700 mm
Machinde Height 1735 mm
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