Technical Data : AWT-800
Drive Motor Type Break System Inching Operations 2.2kw (High Torque Motor) Electro Magnetic Brake on main Drive Shaft Contactor Type Inching Arrange, Forward & Reverse Inching, Stop, Change Valve.
Reed Space   150 / 170 / 190 / 210 / 230 (CM)
Filling Selection   1 Color, 2 Color At Will
Pick Gear   40 - 120
Beating   Crank Beating (Oil Bath Lubrication System)
Weft Insertion Pump System One pump, Plunger type, Plunger Dia : 20 mm (STD)
Nozzle 45 / 20,60 / 20 or 75 / 40 (SC Type)
Measuring & Storage Electronic FDP (Free Drum Pulling)
Feeler OPF - Optical Feeler
Shedding   Crank Type : 6 Heald Frames
Let-Off Type Flange DIA. Electronic Let-Off with inching Synchronization 800 mm
Take-up Type Mechanical Take Up
Cloth Wind-up Dai 400 mm
Length Counter Digital counter in build with loom control system
Selvedge Formation   Twisting by planetary gear box
Catch Cord   Spindle twisting system
Cutter   Mechanical cutter
Control System   Microprocessor based loom control system
Signal Light   LED type - 4 light
Water Extraction Blower Integrated Energy saving vacuum blower
Yarn Package Stand   Floor mounted, Horizontal stand for 4 packages (2color)
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