No. of Spinles 216 264 312 360 408
No. of Sections 9 11 13 15 17
Length of Machine in Feet 43.00 51.15 60.00 68.50 77.00
Connected Power (hp) 7.5 x 2 10 x 2 12.5 x 2 12.5 x 2 15 x 2
Spindle / Section (length) 24 Nos. (1305)
Spindle Gauge in mm  205mm.
Pot Dia in mm  100
Count Range  2 / 60'S TO 2 / 100'S
Twist Range  TPI : 10 TO 75 TPM : 300 TO 3000
Feed Package
   A) Cone /Cheese
      Tube Length  170mm
      Trav. Length  154mm
   B) Max. Outside Dia  106mm
   C) Min. Inside Dia  42mm
   D) Weight  UP TO 600 GRAMS
Delivery Package
   A) Traverse  152mm
   B) Cone Cheese Length  170mm
   C) Max. Dia  240mm
   D) Content  1.9 KGS.
   E) Conicity  3'30' OR 4'20' OR 5'57' OR Cheese
Max. Spindle Speed (mech.)  14000 RPM
Effective Twist Insertion 28000
Spindle Drive  Tangensial Belt Drive
Take up System  Auto Cradle Locking Mechanisam
Width of Machine  850mm
Machine Height  1780mm
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