No. of position Texpro – 125HS : Available with 128 – 16 – 240 position.
Application For producing CREPE effect yarn from all kind of manmade, filament yarn like Nylon, Polyester, polyamide, pure silk, polypropylene etc.
Construction Double side Single deck
Denier Range 30 to 250
Mech. Speed TFO spindle RPM – 18000
Yarn Take-up speed - 60 met./min.
Product Package Texpro-125HS : 1000 gms. on 135 x 57 mm Ф paper tube.
Installation Strength Texpro-125HS : Around 500 machines within last 5 years.
Exclusive Features a) Highly cost effective machine.
b) Vapour phase close group heater.
c) Easy thread path for operator comforts.
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