No. of positions 32 48 64 80 96 112 128
Machine length (feet) 18.5 26.8 35.1 43.4 51.7 60 68.3
LNo. of section 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
L Connected power/ position 0.09 kw
L Running power/ position 0.05 kw
L Spindle pitch 300 mm
Section length 2525 mm
L Take up tube 175 mm length, tube or cono
L No. of ply Two (Three ply optional)
Traverse length 154 mm
Count range 10 to 120 Two ply
Width 1600 mm
Operating height 1400 mm
Take up drive Individual motor for each position
Take up yarn speed Up to 700 mtrs/min (mech)
Yarn tensioner Disc type dead weight tensioner with centre ceramic rod ; 2 Nos/position
Take up/ Traverse drum Groove type hard anodize aluminum alloy drum with both side ceramic insert.
Take up stop motion Auto stop at doff completion or feed yarn absent.
Pattern breaking Settable anti patterning through MMI soft ware
Yarn detector One no. optical type for each ply.
Yarn cutter Electromagnetic type one per position.
Construction Single deck, both sides independent control.
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